Accomplishments that Speak for Themselves


All of the following contestants took WinnerViews to their respective pageants in the years shown. See the difference WinnerViews makes?

Pageants Around the Nation:
Pageant Contestant Achievement
Miss Mississippi USA '11 Kenlea Blann 3rd runner-up
Miss Montana USA '11 Brittany Wiser WINNER
Miss Nevada USA '11 Valerie Pro 3rd runner-up
Miss Oklahoma USA '11 Tailor Cook Top 10
Miss Oklahoma USA '10 Lindsey Harvey 4th runner-up
Tailor Cook top 10
Miss Wisconsin USA '11 Shaletta Porterfield WINNER
America's U.S. Miss '10 Hoang-Kim Cung WINNER
Miss American Spirit '10 Brooke Hooker 1st runner-up
Miss High School America '11 Haley Spathias 3rd runner-up
Miss Texas High School '11 Haley Spathias WINNER
Miss Texas High School '10
(Miss High School America Pageant)
Rachel Prochnow WINNER
Victoria Jaso 2nd runner-up
Kendra Boren semifinalist
Danielle Foster semifinalist
Lindsey Cowsert semifinalist
Miss Jr. Teen United America '10 Natasha Verma 1st runner-up
Miss Montana (MAO) '10 Kacie West WINNER
Miss Montana (MAO) '09 Brittany Wiser WINNER
Miss North Carolina Teen USA '10 Courtney Hardin 2nd runner-up
Miss South Carolina International '11 Courtney Ballenger 1st runner-up
Mrs. America '11 Abby Meeks Tracy Top 10
Mrs. Georgia International '10 Laura Giordano WINNER
Mrs. Iowa International '10 Feryl York WINNER
Mrs. Minnesota U.S. '10 Wendi Russo WINNER
Mrs. New Mexico Plus America '11 Constance Zehner WINNER
Mrs. United States '10 Wendi Russo 1st runner-up
Miss S. Carolina Intercontinental '11 Courtney Ballenger WINNER
Miss U.S. Intercontinental '11 Kirsten Collier 1st runner-up
Miss U.S. Intercontinental Teen '11 Chelsea Morgensen 2nd runner-up
Ms. Plus America '11 Constance Zehner 4th runner-up
Miss So. California '11 Rikayah Crawford 1st runner-up
Miss So. California Teen '11 Jenna Mack 1st runner-up
Miss Southwest National US '11 Amanda Middleton WINNER
Miss National US '11 Amanda Middleton WINNER
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Other Prestigious Pageant Systems:
Pageant Contestant Achievement
Miss Cy-Fair Houston '10 Chelsea Wallace 3rd runner-up
Miss High School America '10 Rachel Prochnow 2nd runner-up
Miss Lake Jackson Teen '10 Kendall Kulhanek WINNER
Miss Texas US '11 Leslie Amos WINNER
Miss Texas Collegiate America '11 Hoang-Kim Cung WINNER
Taylor Anne Nichols 1st runner-up
Miss Texas Collegiate America '10 Rachel Prochnow WINNER
Miss Greater Helotes '11 Jenny Cook WINNER
Ms. Texas International '10 Christina Cook 4th runner-up
Miss Texas Perfect Teen '10 Ashlea Gutierrez WINNER
Miss Texas Plus America '10 Rachel Caudill WINNER
Miss Texas Spirit '10 Brooke Hooker WINNER
Mrs. Texas International '11 Christina Cook 2nd runner-up
Mrs. Texas America '11 Abby Meeks Tracy WINNER
Ms. Dallas United America Plus '11 Candice Freeman WINNER
Miss Rodeo Texas '11 Lauren Graham WINNER
Miss Texas High School America '11 Jesse Amerie WINNER
Melissa Novak 1st runner-up
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