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Q What should I expect to gain by my WinnerViews experience?
A A WinnerViews Session comprises an Intensive Training Consultation that duplicates what can be expected in an actual interview. Your interview skills will be Evaluated, then Elevated. You will gain insight and skills that will serve you well in any type of interview situation. It is truly "an investment that lasts a lifetime."
Q What pageant systems has WinnerViews been affiliated with?
A See "Affiliated Systems" information under "Why WinnerViews."
Q How is a telephone interview session handled?
A Winnerviews will call you at a pre-designated time or if you prefer, you may call in. The areas of concentration that are most important to you will be discussed and evaluated. A telephone interview session provides an effective and excellent alternative if time or distance restrictions prevent an in-person meeting.
Q Where is WinnerViews located?
A WinnerViews sessions take place in an inviting, comfortable office atmosphere where you can be at ease with the knowledge that your interview skills will be elevated and improved. WinnerViews earns your trust and ensures that your interview training will remain confidential. Parents or a friend are welcome to attend the session with you, however, the session itself is not interactive with them. Our focus is specifically on the betterment of YOU. If you prefer, WinnerViews will meet you at a predetermined location that has been agreed upon in advance. WinnerViews is centrally-located, just five minutes from the Galleria area at 5400-C Bellaire Blvd., Bellaire, TX 77401.
Q What are WinnerViews rates for services?
A See link to "Services & Pricing"
Q What other type of services does WinnerViews offer?
A WinnerViews offers a variety of pageant preparation services as well as post-pageant follow-up constructive critique methods to help you improve your performance. WinnerViews will assist you with your Judge's Bio and Personal Information Paperwork, Photo Selection, Wardrobe Consultation, Personal Shopping, Final Review, etc. For Pageant Directors, WinnerViews offers Workshop Consultation.
Q Does WinnerViews offer testimonials from previous clients?
A See link to "Testimonials"
Q What if I need to cancel or reset my appointment?
A WinnerViews does not charge for reset or cancelled appointments when contacted 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment. Unexpected schedule changes are understandable and the courtesy of a telephone call as far in advance of your reset or cancellation is appreciated.
Q Does WinnerViews have any Industry Partners?
A See link to "Industry Partners"
Q How is payment accepted?
A At the conclusion of your session, payment may be made in cash or by personal check. WinnerViews understands that sometimes bank errors and other unexpected payment issues arise, so please take notice that our returned or invalid check policy entails a fee of $30.00.
Q Do you offer any incentive for a referral who uses your service?
A When you refer a friend or anyone who attends a session for a WinnerViews consultation - YOUR next session is Half-Price!

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