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J.J. Smith

J.J. Smith
Interview Coach

For nearly two decades, J.J. Smith has been writing the feature stories that Pageantry magazine readers most often request—those of the Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss America and Miss World pageants—as well as an array of other pageant systems. His interview skills and writing expertise continues to result in a multitude of published articles that spotlights contestants and winners of numerous other U.S. and international pageants as well. Delegates from all over the world and the 50 states, ranging from world-renowned titleholders to pageant celebrities and models are the subjects of his features. As an experienced pageant judge, J.J. has been invited to judge on the local, state, national and international levels, including all of the aforementioned pageant systems as well as diverse events such as "America's Outstanding Teen" and the "Mrs. International" pageant. Numerous pageant directors have referred to J.J. as "the pageant judge who always brings out the best in the contestants and whom the contestants always like the best."

Through his participation in the pageant judging system, J.J. has been the beneficiary of a number of special awards and citations, including Pageantry magazine's "Spirit Award" which is given to outstanding individuals in the industry who are recognized for promoting friendship and sportsmanship among those who participate in pageant-related events. J.J. was also awarded the "Judge of the Year" title from All Nations of America—Universal, a major promoter and sponsor in the pageant industry, "for his dedication, unerring eye for beauty as well as his diplomatic and thoughtful character in helping all participants feel they have achieved their best effort."

To prepare for competition, many pageant winners have benefited from and confirmed their success from utilizing the techniques provided by "WinnerViews" the pageant preparation business that J.J. founded. His unique coaching viewpoint offers "winning interview techniques from a judge's perspective" and differs from typical interview coaching as it gives the participants positive and constructive feedback on their interviewing skills from an experienced pageant judge's viewpoint. According to J.J., "You can change a swimsuit or evening gown, but a winning interview leaves a lasting impression." For the record, Texas-born J.J. has coached many winners of the coveted Miss Texas USA title as well as an array of contestants who have been a runner-up or a semifinalist in the pageant every year since 1990, which included three Miss USA winners as well as a Miss Universe. For his rare accomplishments and insight, J.J. is known in some pageant circles as the one to go to in order to perfect your interview skills.

Smith has also participated in numerous theater productions and is the recipient of many acting and public-speaking awards, including the prestigious Veterans of Foreign Wars "Voice of Democracy" national scholarship award, which was chosen from among more than 200 entries and contributed to his selection in being named a Moody Scholar.

J.J. also hosted the reality-based television special "Hottest Mom in America" in which contestants from across the country vied to see which "Mom" was best suited for the show's title. The series, which was filmed in Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, New York and Hollywood, celebrated the diverse accomplishments of this cross-section of ever-alluring "Mom" women and their children and spotlighted what made them interesting and extraordinary in their own ways. See the website www.hottestmominamerica.com for details.

J.J. shares his lifetime of experiences with all who seek to make his WinnerViews a part of their own success.

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